Thursday, May 12, 2011

With all due respect Mr. Prime Minister... which time were you lying?

Are you lying now?  Or were you lying during the election when you promised to eliminate the deficit in 2014-15? 

We litigators like to impeach our opponent's witness.  That usually happens by injecting doubt into the mind of the fact-finder (judge or jury depending on the trial).  Usually doubt is introduced by attacking the credibility of the witness by pointing to a discrepancy between the statement of the witness on the stand and a prior statement (usually a deposition/examination transcript).  The simple question is "at which point in time were you lying?"  

Prime Minister Harper, Finance Minister Flaherty and every single Conservative Party candidate across Canada campaigned on projections and numbers showing a surplus budget by 2014.  This was a year earlier than projected in the dead-on-arrival March budget presented only 2 weeks before the election was called.  

Now, the government is suggesting they won't be able to balance the budget until 2015/16.  Not 2 weeks after the election and, it seems, the government is back to their original projection. 

So... this leads to the following possible conclusion:

1) Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada lied to Canadians during the campaign when they said they could balance the budget by 2014-16. 


2) Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are lying to Canadians now and really don't know when they will be able to balance the budget.


3) Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are telling the truth now, but were lying earlier and will in fact balance the budget by 2015-16. 

Any way you slice it, when speaking about the country's finances (something that is apparently their strong suit), they were lying at one point or another in the past 2 months. 

Credibility index: DOWN.


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