Thursday, May 12, 2011

With all due respect Mr. Prime Minister... which time were you lying?

Are you lying now?  Or were you lying during the election when you promised to eliminate the deficit in 2014-15? 

We litigators like to impeach our opponent's witness.  That usually happens by injecting doubt into the mind of the fact-finder (judge or jury depending on the trial).  Usually doubt is introduced by attacking the credibility of the witness by pointing to a discrepancy between the statement of the witness on the stand and a prior statement (usually a deposition/examination transcript).  The simple question is "at which point in time were you lying?"  

Prime Minister Harper, Finance Minister Flaherty and every single Conservative Party candidate across Canada campaigned on projections and numbers showing a surplus budget by 2014.  This was a year earlier than projected in the dead-on-arrival March budget presented only 2 weeks before the election was called.  

Now, the government is suggesting they won't be able to balance the budget until 2015/16.  Not 2 weeks after the election and, it seems, the government is back to their original projection. 

So... this leads to the following possible conclusion:

1) Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada lied to Canadians during the campaign when they said they could balance the budget by 2014-16. 


2) Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are lying to Canadians now and really don't know when they will be able to balance the budget.


3) Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are telling the truth now, but were lying earlier and will in fact balance the budget by 2015-16. 

Any way you slice it, when speaking about the country's finances (something that is apparently their strong suit), they were lying at one point or another in the past 2 months. 

Credibility index: DOWN.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Carson - the gift that keeps on giving.

And the Carson story continues to produce boulders in front of the Conservative bus. 

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald is reporting that the head of the RCMP, Commissioner William Elliot, was involved in the original security screening of Bruce Carson back in 2006.  Commissioner Elliott, at the time, was a conservative party staffer and national security advisor in the Privy Council Office. 

Um, while there may be nothing to suggest Commissioner Elliott's prior involvement in this file somehow taints the RCMP influence-peddling investigation into Carson, it is VERY bad optics for the PM and the Conservative Party of Canada.

BREAKING: Strange happenings at CFB Trenton. Interview with "commanding officer 'could affect the outcome' of the federal election"?

Now that's just odd. 

From the article:
Suggesting a phone interview with the air base's commanding officer “could affect the outcome” of the federal election, a public affairs officer at DND's media liaison office in Ottawa said Tuesday the Canadian Forces' communication department will not allow an interview with the colonel.
Some journos need to start asking questions about this one.  It just doesn't pass the sniff test. 

Is Harper turfing another public servant for disagreeing with the government?  Maybe the colonel has pictures with Ignatieff on his facebook profile?

Friday, March 25, 2011

PM Harper not in the House of Commons for QP or Tributes to Speaker Milliken

The Prime Minister was absent from the House of Commons today for both Question Period and the tributes to the retiring Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken.  Mr. Milliken will not be running in the upcoming election and will vacate his post as Speaker with Parliament's dissolution, should the government lose the non-confidence vote today. 

Pretty shameful that the Prime Minister was not in the House to provide tribute to the longest serving Speaker of the House of Commons in Canadian history.  Shame. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First election wildcard announced!

Apparently, the first batch of documents related to the Afghan Detainee/Torture issue will be released on April 15.  As the Globe & Mail article states, it remains to be seen whether these documents will help or hurt the Conservative and Liberal campaigns. 

Circle that date on your calendar.  Someone will pay, or maybe nobody will pay.  But it is tax day down in the US.  So, at least we know our cousins south of the border will be paying. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liberals have to make In-N-Out and the Carson escort story part of the narrative

I believe that Liberals (and the other opposition parties really) must make as much hay over the most recent Conservative scandals.

What I think this means is showing up at every major CPC campaign event with some sort of In and Out banner, sign, or visible presence reminding reporters and Canadians about the alleged election fraud perpetrated in the 2006 election. You know they would do it to the Liberals if such a story existed.

I am not suggesting this be something officially sanctioned by the LPC, NDP, Greens or anyone else. Just that some committed individuals form a group (across every Province and territory) to remind voters and the media every day that the Harper Government (TM), came to power through an allegedly tainted election.

Maybe we could get t-shirts made incorporating the logoes of the CPC and the famous California based burger chain "In-N-Out Burger"? Now, of course, anyone doing this should be ever mindful of copyright laws.

I also think there must be some effort to continually remind the electorate of the VERY CLOSE connections between the Harper Government (TM), Bruce Carson and his escort fiancee. That story just oozes juicy scandal and has the kind of red-meat most casual political observers can understand. Sex, money, influence peddling and a (convicted criminal) close aide to the PM.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lawyers square off over 2008 election call - The Globe and Mail

Interesting... Lawyers square off over 2008 election call.

Seems some people argue that Prime Minister Harper broke the law with his 2008 snap election call.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This just in... Al Qaeda did not come through Canada for 9-11!

Napolitano clarifies Sept. 11 remarks - The Globe and Mail

Unbelievable really, that an American politician still would think the 9-11 terrorists entered the US through the Canada-US border.

I am particularly disappointed in Mr. Van Loan. He ought to be pressing our cause directly as Mr. Frank McKenna did when he was our US Ambassador.

It seems the Liberals did a better job answering lies with truth (at least south of the border).


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ignatieff's Response to Childish PM.

YouTube - Michael's response to Conservative personal attack ads.

Well done Mr. Ignatieff. This is a very classy response to the childish attacks of a desperate PM.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poll shows a lead for the Liberals

The latest Nik Nanos poll shows the Liberal party taking a slim lead over the Harper Conservatives. The lead is just inside the margin of error for the poll, but these are welcome numbers nonetheless.

Interesting notes:

  • NDP voters are trending toward the Liberal column.
  • Harper ranks third in Quebec behind Ignatieff and Duceppe as best PM.
  • Liberal support has increased in every region except Atlantic Canada (even Western Canada!?).
  • Conservative support declined everywhere except Quebec.
  • Ignatieff is only behind by 6% in the "Best PM category".
If this trending is confirmed by other pollsters get ready for the CPC nuclear option.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GO Warren GO!!!! Kinsella files $1-million lawsuit against Tories, Paradis

Well done Mr. Kinsella, don't let them get away with their gutter-politics.

You know, they wouldn't have lawsuits thrown at them if they had adult supervision.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Harper was in NY for more than one day

News outlets suggest our jet-setting Prime Minister made a quick Obama-esque day-trip to New York to push the Canadian agenda and raise the profile of our nation. The problem is... the facts don't confirm this.

Of course, this is really no big deal, but I have an eye-witness account that he and his daughter were spotted on Broadway Saturday night attending a certain green-skinned ogre's musical.

"A large SUV pulls up to the theater along with a small police escort unit, everyone crowded around the theater is asking 'I wonder who the celebrity is!?' A grey haired man gets out of the SUV as does a young girl (obviously his daughter) they both walk up to the theater doors holding hands.

Our intrepid eye-witness shouts 'Stephen Harper.'

The Prime Minister, looking surprised to be recognized says 'hello.'

'Enjoy the show,' she replies.

'Who's that?' asks a woman in the crowd.

'That's the Prime Minister of Canada,' our eye-witness responds.


I was sad to have been walking past about 8 minutes earlier and only heard about the encounter when the rest of our party arrived at our theater. I would have asked for a picture.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey Harper! Time to get on board... Obama's driving and the train is about the leave the station!

As TPM media put it, "it is refreshing to have an adult as president."

In this video, President elect Obama makes a short video address to the bi-partisan Governors Global Climate Summit in California. He calls on all nations, specifically naming those nations (including CANADA) that were represented at the gathering to join the United States in a meaningful effort to reduce GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 and a further 80% reduction by 2050. He hinted that the US would begin to implement a carbon cap & trade system.

SO now hear this climate change denying Tory fools! You had better get on the bandwagon now, because more than 60% of Canadian voters voted against your climate change denying, intensity target garbage platform and supported real efforts to combat global warming. Mr. Harper won't have a very friendly reception at the White House if he doesn't get on board with the smart kids.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Morning in America!

Yes, I am stealing a line from another great communicator who occupied the Oval Office... and I am not ashamed one bit.

After a very dark time in American politics and international relations... here we are, at the dawning of a new era of America.

This is a new Morning in America!

Thank God. May God Bless America.


Monday, November 03, 2008

One Day More.

Combining two of my interests... politics and musical theatre. I present to you "One Day More" from the Obama team.

This is the work of someone else obviously, but I thought it was very good, and the song comes from my favourite musical of all time.


Traveling and Working in a Swing State

My wife and I went to visit family in Ohio and our route took us along the Ohio Turnpike from Toledo over to Cleveland. We also gave a few hours to the local get out the vote operation by knocking on doors and connecting with voters.

Here are a few observations:
  • This is by no means a scientific sample, but 4 years ago it seemed to me that I saw many more bumper stickers for Kerry and Bush than I did this time for Obama and McCain. The drive this time was 2 hours shorter, but even proportionately I noticed fewer stickers this cycle.
  • We did see one car with the regular McCain bumper stickers AND cardboard signs in the back and side windows urging people to "stop socialism and marxism and vote McCain - Palin." That one was my favourite. Of course we drove by and gave the old man and his wife a big thumbs down.
  • In the part of Cleveland where we were canvassing, there were far more McCain-Palin signs than Obama-Biden. Pretty working class neighbourhoods, but it seemed the McCain-iacs were more outward and forthcoming in their support.
  • Being the dutiful Democrats that we are, my wife and I were wearing Obama buttons or t-shirts for most of our drive-time including our rest-stops. This allowed us to have a few great conversations with voters. One such conversation occurred in the convenience store of a rest-stop along the turnpike with a lifelong Chicago Republican who was supporting Obama all the way (she really liked my t-shirt). She said she had witnessed him in action in Chicago and was certain he has what it takes to be President.
  • Early voting is widespread. Of the two dozen or so family members and friends we visited with this weekend, 85% of them had voted early.
What does this tell me?
  • Perhaps the re-election of/referendum on a sitting president (2004) produces more outward support (signs and bumper stickers)?
  • Maybe the fact that the stickers and signs were sold this cycle, rather than given away free in 2004 has something to do with the low visibility?
  • Maybe McCain-iacs are more rabid and angry and feel the need to vocally declare their opposition to the "socialist" black guy with the funny arab sounding name?
  • People are engaged, they are interested in this election.
  • We found there were plenty of Obama supporters who answered the door on our canvassing walk, and many of them had voted early.
  • McCain supporters who answered the door weren't overly rude, only one was really rude.
  • Obama supporters aren't angry, they seem to be hopeful, but also very motivated to finish strong.
  • I think Obama will win Ohio by 1 0r 2%.
All in all it was a good weekend. We didn't stick around for the big Obama rally and Springsteen concert, but as we were driving out of Cleveland we did see a gigantic line stretching the blocks leading into the plaza.

Get out the vote! If you haven't already, create a profile on and begin calling swing state voters, it is that easy.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serious political party operatives need to read my last post.

My post from Tuesday, was a link to what I think is an amazing example of new, hip get out the vote tactics being employed south of the border.

Because we are Liberals, and our party is a natural electoral home for the younger, educated and engaged voter, we stand to gain if we employ similar initiatives. I am sure a cost-benefit analysis is in order, but I would venture a guess this is a cost-effective outreach, GOTV tool.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FFWD: Obama Loss Traced to Stephen Harper

Video footage here.

No, it's not a reference to NAFTA gate suddenly becoming the defining issue of the '08 Presidential Election.

Watch and you will see a fantastic video.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Liberal 308 - 10 + 3... Party Renewal

Some folks on the interwebs have begun some interesting efforts at Liberal Party renewal. I am glad to see this happening and will pledge myself to it as much as possible.

Liberal 308 is one of the groups created and its mission is laudable.

I am in.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain-Palin supporters on the way into a rally

This is absolutely unbelievable...

The blatant racism (particularly the guy with the monkey doll) and the ill-informed voters who think Obama is a muslim or an Indonesian citizen is absolutely appalling.

I think this is the time when Republicans get to reap what they have sown for the past 8 years of culture-war, values distorting, wedge issue politics.

Update: Watching the video again, it pains me to see children witnessing such hatred and vile conduct.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are the knives out or are we gearing up for a leadership convention?

The Star says Devastated Dion set to quit and the Globe is hinting at the same story.

It's a shame, but this party should always be bigger than and more important than any one leader or member.

Party renewal is all I care about now.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fox News poll.

Interesting, Fox News Poll on their website seems to indicate people are not troubled by Barack Obama's relationship to Bill Ayers.

On no less! Much ado about nothing.


Obama vs. McCain Round #2

9:29 I have been watching and not much is really happening. One thought I have is that McCain's answers seem a little disjointed and rambling. It's also very similar to his stump speech while it seems to me that Sen. Obama's answers have more depth.

9:34 Still not much. McCain seems to want to talk about Planetariums.

9:40 Obama hits back on McCain's distorted description of Obama's tax plan.

9:41 My wife wants McCain to stop saying "My Friends," she's getting annoyed.

9:42 New Canadian federal poll numbers at Nanos.

9:47 My friend just IM'd me to say "Obama is DOMINATING. He seems to have a much better grasp of the issues." (Oops, I just said "My friend.)

9:57 McCain wants to scare people about Obama's policies.

10:06 McCain makes a snide remark about healthcare.

10:11 First Reagan is McCain's biggest hero, now it's Teddy Roosevelt?

10:14 If McCain would stop distorting Obama's words and record, then we could stick to the rules.

10:26 McCain continuing to distort. Obama was too long winded on the yes/no question on whether Russia is an evil empire.

10:28 One of these candidates is wearing a flag pin and the other is not.

10:33 McCain: "What I don't know is the unexpected."

Monday, October 06, 2008

We can change things for-the-better, not just dressing it up in a SWEATER!

The Campaign 2008 Protest song!


If you, like me, think Harper's Conservative party is a danger to Canada and the planet, we now have a rallying cry!

Good stuff. Go download it.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Palin on the U.S. Supreme Court

Sarah Palin gets a second crack at the Supreme Court question.

I could and likely should be accused of being nit-picky. Watching Gov. Palin spew out the long diatribe about the Supreme Court cases she disagrees with has a certain fresh, just out of the package feel to them (and that's not a good thing). I think her answer here belies a certain “mile-wide, inch deep” familiarity with the topic.

For instance, she spoke of the Kelo decision and used the term “imminent domain”. It is properly pronouced “eminent domain” and has to do with the 5th Amendment and Due Process of the law and government appropriation of private property for public use. This is the kind of mistake that people familiar with the topic likely would not make.

Had Cameron pressed her on this, I think Josh Marshall at TPM is correct, her Coles Notes house of cards would have crumbled under his featherweight questioning.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This is great!


I love the voice over, just fantastic. People cannot forget that if Harper was PM in 2003 we'd be mired in Iraq and Afghanistan right now.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Greenpeace and Sierra Club - Decidedly anti-Harper

Don't vote Tory, say Greenpeace and Sierra Club

I second that!!

If you care about the environment, you must vote for any of the parties that actually recognize the problem and are willing to do something about it before it's too late.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Harper's secret agenda....

If the general purpose of an incumbent PM in calling an election is to get a fresh mandate, just what is Harper asking for? The Globe & Mail is asking the question and so are regular Canadians.

Where is Harper's platform?

This leads to a good (and familiar) line of attack for the Liberals against Harper... the hidden Harper agenda. His party broke their own law and called an election, shouldn't they have been the 1st or 2nd party releasing a platform? He let's very few people members of his caucus speak for the campaign, and when they do they seem to shoot directly at their feet.

Until he shows his hand, Harper has a hidden agenda.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

SNL Skewers Them All.

Saturday Night Live, always an essential part of the U.S. electoral process.

And this one:

Good stuff.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama vs. McCain: liveblogging rumble #1

8:59pm The main event is about ready to begin.

9:02pm Jim Lehrer is introducing... I miss Mr. McNeil.

9:05pm Clear plan for the bail-out from Obama... and an attack at the end. Nicely done.

9:06pm McCain beats Obama to the punch, talking about Ted Kennedy.

9:08pm I could be imagining this, but McCain doesn't sound as strong as Obama.

9:10pm McCain talks about Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower... "I should know, I voted for Ike."

9:15pm McCain makes a funny about bear DNA.... Lost on most people, methinks. Did he forget that Seal DNA was studied in Alaska under Palin's administration?

9:17pm Obama makes the tax case. 95% of Americans get a tax break with me, the top 1% of Americans get a taxbreak under McCain's plan.

9:19pm Obama doesn't let McCain get away with a spinjob. Makes a great connection and defuses the "earmark" argument.

9:20pm My wife thinks McCain doesn't want to respond to Obama, because he doesn't like Obama. I think Obama needs to watch how often he raises his hand to tell Jim Lehrer he wants to talk.

9:23pm McCain needs to stop smirking and looking dismissive in the split-screens.

9:27pm Obama seems to have lost his nuances. That's a good thing.

9:29pm One of these candidates is not wearing a flag lapel pin.

9:32pm Hail mary pass #1 spending freeze on everything other than defense and veterans affairs.

9:36pm When John wants the veterans to pay attention to him, he remembers them (tonight). When he thinks the vets aren't looking he votes against them (most recent GI Bill).

9:38pm Obama just said "orgy of spending"... good or bad?

9:45pm The argument is judgment.

9:52pm Some bloggers are saying it's a draw... one of my friends (rather uninformed) thinks "Obama is getting slaughtered...." I think she's on crack.

9:56pm McCain is hit with the "bomb-bomb Bomb, bomb-bomb Iran..." song. Smoke begins to seep from his ears.... Gasket blowing in 5-4-3....

10:01pm Jim Lehrer "I have a bracelet too...."

10:05pm Little jabs by McCain.

10:09pm Achmenadenajad... or however you say it!

10:11pm Obama clarifies the "without condition" jab, and throws it right back at McCain.

10:13pm Average height?

10:15pm That was a tough one... Sitting down with Iran's leader... "no you won't".

10:19pm I think Obama's answer on Russia was good, but too nuanced. McCain's "I looked into Putin's eyes and I saw 3 letters, a K a G and a B..." not a great joke.

10:21pm McCain feels at ease talking about the cold war be/c he wants the cold war II.

10:24pm Obama talking and weaving national security and energy together makes him look like he understands the broader themes.

10:28pm Suitcase nukes. A good identification of the danger.

10:30pm It's bordering on condescending that McCain keeps saying "Sen. Obama doesn't understand... X, Y or Z."

10:35pm Grampy's gonna give all the vets a hug? Even the 6 out of 10 that give to Obama's campaign?

10:36pm Anybody forgetting about how McCain votes against the vets?

Crescent Canuck and I agree, it's a draw.