Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama vs. McCain: liveblogging rumble #1

8:59pm The main event is about ready to begin.

9:02pm Jim Lehrer is introducing... I miss Mr. McNeil.

9:05pm Clear plan for the bail-out from Obama... and an attack at the end. Nicely done.

9:06pm McCain beats Obama to the punch, talking about Ted Kennedy.

9:08pm I could be imagining this, but McCain doesn't sound as strong as Obama.

9:10pm McCain talks about Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower... "I should know, I voted for Ike."

9:15pm McCain makes a funny about bear DNA.... Lost on most people, methinks. Did he forget that Seal DNA was studied in Alaska under Palin's administration?

9:17pm Obama makes the tax case. 95% of Americans get a tax break with me, the top 1% of Americans get a taxbreak under McCain's plan.

9:19pm Obama doesn't let McCain get away with a spinjob. Makes a great connection and defuses the "earmark" argument.

9:20pm My wife thinks McCain doesn't want to respond to Obama, because he doesn't like Obama. I think Obama needs to watch how often he raises his hand to tell Jim Lehrer he wants to talk.

9:23pm McCain needs to stop smirking and looking dismissive in the split-screens.

9:27pm Obama seems to have lost his nuances. That's a good thing.

9:29pm One of these candidates is not wearing a flag lapel pin.

9:32pm Hail mary pass #1 spending freeze on everything other than defense and veterans affairs.

9:36pm When John wants the veterans to pay attention to him, he remembers them (tonight). When he thinks the vets aren't looking he votes against them (most recent GI Bill).

9:38pm Obama just said "orgy of spending"... good or bad?

9:45pm The argument is judgment.

9:52pm Some bloggers are saying it's a draw... one of my friends (rather uninformed) thinks "Obama is getting slaughtered...." I think she's on crack.

9:56pm McCain is hit with the "bomb-bomb Bomb, bomb-bomb Iran..." song. Smoke begins to seep from his ears.... Gasket blowing in 5-4-3....

10:01pm Jim Lehrer "I have a bracelet too...."

10:05pm Little jabs by McCain.

10:09pm Achmenadenajad... or however you say it!

10:11pm Obama clarifies the "without condition" jab, and throws it right back at McCain.

10:13pm Average height?

10:15pm That was a tough one... Sitting down with Iran's leader... "no you won't".

10:19pm I think Obama's answer on Russia was good, but too nuanced. McCain's "I looked into Putin's eyes and I saw 3 letters, a K a G and a B..." not a great joke.

10:21pm McCain feels at ease talking about the cold war be/c he wants the cold war II.

10:24pm Obama talking and weaving national security and energy together makes him look like he understands the broader themes.

10:28pm Suitcase nukes. A good identification of the danger.

10:30pm It's bordering on condescending that McCain keeps saying "Sen. Obama doesn't understand... X, Y or Z."

10:35pm Grampy's gonna give all the vets a hug? Even the 6 out of 10 that give to Obama's campaign?

10:36pm Anybody forgetting about how McCain votes against the vets?

Crescent Canuck and I agree, it's a draw.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger mezba said...

Just linked to you. I think it's a tie so far.

"Crescent Canuck"

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Jasen said...

I watched as much as I could on Friday night. It was definitely a draw in my mind. McCain made the most of his night and made some very strong points but overall I came away liking Obama way more. He was much more respectful in tone and demeanor. I agree with your Missus when she says that McCain doesn't like Obama. McCain could barely look at Obama throughout the night. By contrast, Obama engaged at every level on every question.

Their were definitely some missed opportunities for Obama to knock things out of the park. It'll be interesting to see if he can set things up for the next debate. I'm expecting Biden to eat Palin for breakfast.


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