Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Liberal joining in the call for broad-based tax cuts

I for one am in favour of broad-based moderate tax cuts.

That said, I am decidedly against Bush-style tax cuts which reward the richest taxpayers over those in the lowest brackets.

My prescription for Mr. Flaherty is for CRA to raise the personal exemption up by $2000, which translates into approximately $300 back into nearly every taxpayers' pocketbook. Further, I would propose to raise every bracket by $2000. To change the income levels at which each bracket begins.

We need it, we can afford it and it will help us remain competitive. BUT, it must not be done at the expense of funding healthcare.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

There's a BIG surprise! Few companies keen to provide daycare

Please, hold on while I have a heart attack and die from that great big surprise! (In the words of Iago from Aladdin).

Big shocker. The corporations aren't interested in providing child-care for their employee's children. Why would they be? They should, but why would they?

This needs to be a priority and it seems that government action is the only viable way to get it done quickly. If we want productivity to continue to increase (as a nation we are behind in this measure), we must do something to allow middle-class Canadians to work and raise families. It just has to be done!

You can't create child-care spaces with tax-cuts. It's just not in the business plan.

You have failed here Mr. Harper!