Friday, March 25, 2011

PM Harper not in the House of Commons for QP or Tributes to Speaker Milliken

The Prime Minister was absent from the House of Commons today for both Question Period and the tributes to the retiring Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken.  Mr. Milliken will not be running in the upcoming election and will vacate his post as Speaker with Parliament's dissolution, should the government lose the non-confidence vote today. 

Pretty shameful that the Prime Minister was not in the House to provide tribute to the longest serving Speaker of the House of Commons in Canadian history.  Shame. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First election wildcard announced!

Apparently, the first batch of documents related to the Afghan Detainee/Torture issue will be released on April 15.  As the Globe & Mail article states, it remains to be seen whether these documents will help or hurt the Conservative and Liberal campaigns. 

Circle that date on your calendar.  Someone will pay, or maybe nobody will pay.  But it is tax day down in the US.  So, at least we know our cousins south of the border will be paying. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liberals have to make In-N-Out and the Carson escort story part of the narrative

I believe that Liberals (and the other opposition parties really) must make as much hay over the most recent Conservative scandals.

What I think this means is showing up at every major CPC campaign event with some sort of In and Out banner, sign, or visible presence reminding reporters and Canadians about the alleged election fraud perpetrated in the 2006 election. You know they would do it to the Liberals if such a story existed.

I am not suggesting this be something officially sanctioned by the LPC, NDP, Greens or anyone else. Just that some committed individuals form a group (across every Province and territory) to remind voters and the media every day that the Harper Government (TM), came to power through an allegedly tainted election.

Maybe we could get t-shirts made incorporating the logoes of the CPC and the famous California based burger chain "In-N-Out Burger"? Now, of course, anyone doing this should be ever mindful of copyright laws.

I also think there must be some effort to continually remind the electorate of the VERY CLOSE connections between the Harper Government (TM), Bruce Carson and his escort fiancee. That story just oozes juicy scandal and has the kind of red-meat most casual political observers can understand. Sex, money, influence peddling and a (convicted criminal) close aide to the PM.